Years ago, Wayne E. Nance’s life was out of control. An incessant smoker, he weighed 305 pounds. His marriage was disintegrating and his finances were bottoming out. He finally realized that obesity, debt, and relationship meltdown were surface problems resulting from his core attitudes and beliefs. He found a way to bring his life back into balance.

 Today, Wayne is The Real Life Attitude Guy. His true success story includes losing more than 100 pounds, paying off more than $40,000 of credit card debt, and staying happily married for more than 35 years.

“The 3-Minute Difference is a fantastic book that hits the ‘attitude’ nail on the head and is perfect for people who want more success in their personal, family, business, and spiritual lives.”

 – Tom Ziglar, President & CEO Ziglar

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An in-depth interview about Real Life with founder Wayne Nance and American Family Radio’s Kirby Anderson.

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