“Over the years, I’ve seen many life coaching programs, but I never experienced anything like what I experienced when I enrolled in Real Life University.  

Becoming a Real Life Coach was one of the best decisions I could have made.  It has not only helped me better communicate with and understand my clients and my staff, but has also improved my relationships with my friends and family.”

John L. Terry, III – Hot Springs AR
Certified Leadership Trainer

Associate Coach – Level I

This is a high energy 8 hour training that takes you on an attitude journey. You will learn your attitude and how sometimes it’s your asset or your downfall. At the end of this 8 hour day, you will be certified to use our unique “3 Minute Survey” on your family, customers, friends, and prospects.

Certified Coach – Level II

This license is built around two days of intensive work which will focus on attitude training using our trademarked “3 Minute Survey” system. This training will also include a look at your belief system and how it impacts your life choices and every aspect of your life. This program will enhance your life, your family, and your business..

Certified Master Coach – Level III

This is advanced level training for those who have completed associated and certified coach programs. If you are a person who wants an opportunity to enhance their life and begin teaching the RLM concepts to their peers, this is the program for you. We want the best of the best to go through this program. You will learn advanced attitude and presentation skills. Upon graduation the Master Coach will be certified to teach the Associate Coach Level I Real Life Management Program.

Certified Leadership Trainer – Level IV

This is a graduate level trainer that has a minimum of 5 years Real Life Management Coaching Experience and has completed Levels I, II, and III in the Real Life Management System. The Real Life Management team must approve all applicants for this certification program. Upon graduation, the Leadership Trainer will be certified as an instructor for Level I, II, and III of the Real Life Management Coaching System. In addition, they will be certified to perform individual assessments of corporate, church, military, and organizational leadership.

Why Become a Real Life Coach?

The Real Life Management Coaching Program is not your typical “Life Coaching” program. You will learn the ‘Core Attitude’ of an individual that is developed by the age of 6, their belief system, and why they make the choices they do in daily life. Issues like finances, health, and relationships will be dealt with, not just why they are issues but you will learn the solutions to the issues.

America is in a Crisis…67% are obese, 85% retire broke, and over 51% of families are divorced. The Real Life Management Coaching Program will teach you how to fight these crisis issues and ALTER your life, your family, and your customers for a lifetime.

  Improve your own lifestyle management

  Improve family relationships

  Help you with staffing and management issues

  Help you stop losing clients and prospects

  Impact the lives of others

  Teach you a special marketing workshop to build your business and attract new clients

  Know the “attitude” of your client in 3 minutes or less

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